Key Fob Replacement w/ Engine Start For 2008-2012 Dodge Durango FCC ID: IYZ-C01C P/N: 56046639AG

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Attention: In order for this remote to work on your vehicle, the existing one should have the same button combination, part number, and FCC ID. Please check below for compatible part numbers.

Compatible with The Following FCC IDs (Interchangeable)

  • IYZ-C01C, IYZC01C, M3N5WY783X

Compatible with The Following Part Numbers (Interchangeable)

  • 56046639AA, 56046639AB, 56046639AC, 56046639AD
  • 56046639AE, 56046639AF, 56046639AG, 05026100AD
  • 68043592AA, 68043592AB, 68043592AC, 05026144AB
  • 05026099AD, 05026378AF, 05026378AG, 05026378AH
  • 05026378AI, 05026378AJ, 05026378AK, 05026378AL
  • 05026378AM, 05026378AN, 68044908AA, 68044908AB
  • 56046955AC, 05026196AA, 05026196AB, 05026196AC
  • 05026196AD, 05026196AE, 05026196AF, 05026376AE
  • 05026195AB, 05026195AC, 05026195AD, 05026195AF
  • 68043591AA, 68043591AB, 68043591AC, 05026101AD
  • 68066871AA, 68066871AB, 68066871AC, 68066871AD
  • 68066871AE, 68079544AA, 56046707AE, 05026333
  • 56046736AB, 56046706AD, 56046706AG
  • Emergency insert key part numbers: 68043590AC, 68029829AB, 68029829AA, Y171P, BY171P
  • IC: 2701A-C01C, 2701AC01C

IYZ-C01C 56046639AG Keyless Remote For Dodge Durango Fits

  • 2008 Dodge Durango
  • 2009 Dodge Durango
  • 2010 Dodge Durango
  • 2011 Dodge Durango
  • 2012 Dodge Durango

Key Fob Specifications

  • Condition: New
    Brand: Aftermarket product
  • Type: Integrated key fob transmitter
  • Compatible with a standard keyless entry system
  • 4 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Remote start engine, Panic alarm
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • All transmitters include a CR2032 battery and a blank emergency key

    Programming Notes

    • Do it yourself programming instructions are available
    • Two working remotes are required to perform DIY programming. If you do not have a remote, then an automotive locksmith or dealership programming is required
    • Vehicles that are 2010 and up must be programmed by an automotive locksmith or dealership
    • This keyfob is not compatible with KeylessGo systems, Push button ignition systems, or proximity systems
    • Insert key blank must be cut by an automotive locksmith or dealership
      Your vehicle must be equipped with a keyless entry system

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