Programming Instructions For IYZ-C01C M3N5WY783X Remote Key Fob

Important Notes Before You Start

  • This procedure requires two working key fobs
  • This remote must be programmed by your dealer or a local automotive locksmith if:
    • Your vehicle year is 2010 and up
    • Your vehicle is 2009 and up Dodge Ram
    • Your vehicle was on an ignition recall
    • You do not have two working remotes

Programming Procedure

  1. Insert the first working remote into the ignition
  2. Turn ignition to On position and wait for 3 seconds
  3. Turn the ignition to Off position and remove the remote
  4. Wait 15 seconds then insert the second working remote into the ignition
  5. Turn ignition to On position and wait 10 seconds
  6. The immobilizer warning light on dashboard will turn on and you will hear a tone
  7. Turn ignition to Off position and remove the remote
  8. Within 50 seconds, insert the new remote into the ignition and turn it to On position
  9. Wait 10 seconds and you will hear a tone and the immobilizer warning light on dashboard will stay on for 3 seconds, which means that the remote programming is complete
  10. To program additional remotes, you must repeat the steps starting from step 1 for each remote

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